Quality Management



The quality of the products, it is directly from our control in the production process.


Our quality assurance team will timely communication with our supplier, the product of the production process to conduct a comprehensive monitoring, and the relevant measurement data statistics, analysis, evaluation and puts forward relevant improvement plan in order to ensure the quality of our products are qualified.


Our commitment is to the satisfy your requirements through reliability, safety and material strength.


Through each point in the process of quality control to meet the production, to reduce the quality accidents bring you the delivery delays and changes to the production plan.




Our mechanic is through quality training, for all the machining dimensions will conduct first article confirmation.


Our mechanic can study your drawings and technical requirements, continuously tracking the key size of the processing. Periodic testing related important data, and timely correction.


Our quality assurance staff will of mechanic test data on a regular basis to sample, tracking and feedback.


All of this is to ensure that we only provide quality parts to your production line.






We will for each of your product to establish quality management files, including the material chemical composition data and test data of performance, size detection data.if you need we will provide you in time.